Friday, April 24, 2009


Claire had her 3rd year checkup at the pediatrician's office yesterday. We LOVE Dr. Terrill! She's sweet, knowledgable, understands being a new mom and really cares about Claire. Claire weighed in at a whopping 29 pounds and measured 37 inches tall! That put her in the 30% for her weight (up from 4% last year!) and 45% for height. She's a growing girl!
Dr. Terrill asked Claire to stand on one foot, do jumping jacks, stand on her tiptoes, on her heels, etc. She commented that Claire was "very coordinated for a 3 year old, most 5 year olds can't do all of that." I was thinking more along the lines of Elaine dancing from Seinfield, but I digress.
When asked what the best part of being 3 was by the Doc, Claire replied - "Cake."
Well played dear.

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