Friday, April 24, 2009

And the winner is...

Emmy, Brian and Baby Nomi!

They're the generous mystery gifters. THANKS GUYS! :)


Claire had her 3rd year checkup at the pediatrician's office yesterday. We LOVE Dr. Terrill! She's sweet, knowledgable, understands being a new mom and really cares about Claire. Claire weighed in at a whopping 29 pounds and measured 37 inches tall! That put her in the 30% for her weight (up from 4% last year!) and 45% for height. She's a growing girl!
Dr. Terrill asked Claire to stand on one foot, do jumping jacks, stand on her tiptoes, on her heels, etc. She commented that Claire was "very coordinated for a 3 year old, most 5 year olds can't do all of that." I was thinking more along the lines of Elaine dancing from Seinfield, but I digress.
When asked what the best part of being 3 was by the Doc, Claire replied - "Cake."
Well played dear.

Saturday, April 18, 2009

Photo Essay by Claire, age 3

Mommy and Clairey

A Towel

A Pillow in the Bed

A Toy Storybook

My Shoes in Boxes

My Book, My Toes and My Pajamas

Pink ( a self portrait )

All photos taken and titled by Claire Michaella Lowder.

Looks like?

I think it's the hair!

Mystery Gifter

A very generous person had FedEx deliver several birthday presents to Claire! Yay! However, no card was attached, so we don't know who to thank! Boo! Who would like to take credit? They were from Toys 'R Us, giftwrapped and included three things:
Puppy Stuff

Garden Stuff
And one other item....?
(I obviously know what it is...but do YOU?)
If you were the gift giver - Thanks!
Please identify yourself and provide proof by revealing the third item.
(I don't trust many members of my family apparantly, plus i like to come up with annoying little games to amuse myself)

my little ballerina

Focus Claire. FOCUS!

Wednesday, April 15, 2009

these little piggies

Claire and I were in bed this morning and I playfully took her foot in my hand and acted like I was gonna munch on her feet.

"Don't eat my tootsies Mommy!"


"Because then they'll go in your tummy! (under her breath) and then you can't tickle them..."

Saturday, April 11, 2009

3's a Charm

Birthday pancakes (with candles!) Presents from Mama and Papa - puppy dog toy, Sesame Street flash cards, Fancy Nancy book. Story Time at STAGES St. Louis (Knuffle Bunny Too). Craft time (bunny paper plate). Lunch and TONS of games at Chuck E Cheese. Pizza. More games. Funny pictures. Prize (purple comb = 77 tickets). Big ol' nap. More presents. Pink leotard, pink tights and hair barrettes. First Dance Class! First. Dance. Class. People. Ballet/Tap Combo at Technique Studios with Ms. Kim. 8 adorable ballerinas spazzing out. Two separate incidents when Claire broke away from the group, ran out of the studio, found me and exclaimed "I love dance class Mom!" Trip to Head to Feet Dance Store to purchase first pair of ballet slippers and tap shoes. And a glittery tutu. Dinner at O'Charleys. (She was extra hungry after class by the way). Free ice cream at Cold Stone (I had a birthday coupon). More presents from Old Tom and Lake Gramma (clothes, Dora coloring book, activity book, etc.) Bedtime.

This was the BEST birthday EVER!

Party Time! Excellent!

Claire's 3rd birthday party was on saturday the 4th at our house. The Lowder's are blessed to have an ENORMOUS family and the party gave me the same feeling as my wedding. I kept losing my drink, never really got to sit down and enjoy myself, and somehow didn't get to visit with anyone. Claire had the most fun ever though. About 15 of her cousins and friends were there and they were wound for sound.
Special thanks:
  • Pop for trying to untangle 24 mylar balloons for over an hour. Unsuccessfully.
  • To Nana for talking me off the ledge. Multiple times.
  • To Sam's for the bumblebee and ladybug cupcakes that everyone thought I baked.
  • To Grammy for picking up the ledge.
  • To Brian for giving me a drag.
  • To the Columbia contingent for driving up just for the party.
  • Whomever gave Claire the HUGE Princess coloring pad. It's really awesome. (Claire likes it too)
  • Mike for being the Grill Master
God for blessing us with our Claire Bear for another year!!!