Saturday, April 11, 2009

Party Time! Excellent!

Claire's 3rd birthday party was on saturday the 4th at our house. The Lowder's are blessed to have an ENORMOUS family and the party gave me the same feeling as my wedding. I kept losing my drink, never really got to sit down and enjoy myself, and somehow didn't get to visit with anyone. Claire had the most fun ever though. About 15 of her cousins and friends were there and they were wound for sound.
Special thanks:
  • Pop for trying to untangle 24 mylar balloons for over an hour. Unsuccessfully.
  • To Nana for talking me off the ledge. Multiple times.
  • To Sam's for the bumblebee and ladybug cupcakes that everyone thought I baked.
  • To Grammy for picking up the ledge.
  • To Brian for giving me a drag.
  • To the Columbia contingent for driving up just for the party.
  • Whomever gave Claire the HUGE Princess coloring pad. It's really awesome. (Claire likes it too)
  • Mike for being the Grill Master
God for blessing us with our Claire Bear for another year!!!

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