Thursday, May 21, 2009

Which hue of blue will do?

I need help picking a wall color for our bedroom. From left to right:
Dutch Blue
Greek Sea
Meditteranean Blue
I don't want the room to look to dark or small. I'm going for a refreshing and energized feel.
And I know Mom - but Lowes doesn't carry Benjamin Moore/Buxton Blue and I refuse, I said REFUSE to patronize Home Depot.

Flower Power

My front porch garden. Knockout rose bushes that have exploded with blooms and pansies - my newest favorite flower. They're always so hard to find every year,
but they're all mine this Spring! Beautiful.

First Fish

Here's a picture of the first fish Claire caught at Pop's lake. This is not the fish that "bit" her finger because it thought it was a worm. For the record.

Friday, May 15, 2009

Go Cards!

We got free tickets to the Cardinals game on May 6th, 2009. We played the Pirates I believe and we won (of course!) The highlight was when Puljols hit a homerun right as we entered the stadium and BIG, LOUD fireworks went off and Claire Lost. It. She immediately started crying and screaming "I wanna go home!". From that point on, every time she Cards hit the ball, Claire looked around the sky in fear waiting for the scary fireworks. She had fun. Ate a hot dog and a HUGE ice cream and fell asleep in the car. GO CARDS!

Thursday, May 14, 2009

App that!

Mike got me an iPhone for Mother's Day. It has totally changed my life. And by changed my life I mean, now I can check my Facebook or email whenever I want, find out the weather forecast for Paris whenever I want, and lookup a satelitte picture of my old house off Vista Ridge (i've done it) whenever I want. The iPhone also cures dandruff. It's that cool.

Wednesday, May 13, 2009

Chugga Chugga Choo Choo

"Mommy Monday" is the weekday of the week I'm off of work and I try to do fun stuff with Claire on those days. We started by visiting my friend Liz's new baby daughter Natalie Lucille (LOVE the name!) in the hospital. I think I need to put the kibosh on bringing Claire to newborn hospital visits because she's super intense. And by super intense I mean, likes to grab and squeeze newborn baby feet and possibly tear them right off and put them in her pocket. It's fairly scary. But it comes from love. She really wants a little sister and Mike and I would love to give her that. But now I'm afraid for my future baby's appendages!

Anyway - after Attack of the Toddler at Missouri Baptist Hospital, we drove to the Saint Louis Zoo because it was a beautiful day. We usually have our routine, River's Edge, Seals, snack/lunch, Build-a-Bear store, Fragile Forest (all things monkey), then the bears and we're out. But I had an idea to take the Zoo Railroad, which I haven't taken in at least 25 years. She loved it! Except for the three times the train takes us through the small, dark tunnels. Then she scooted close to me and held my hand (adorable!)

She also made a friend (see below)

Tuesday, May 12, 2009


The other morning I was touching up my toes with some mismatched nail polish because one of them was chipped. It had Really Been Bothering me since it happened like the day after I went to VIP nail salon. Anyway, Claire saw me doing my touchup and asked if we could do her 'tootsies'. She was so good and sat very still while I painted each tiny little nail a bubble gum pink color. After they dried she asked if she could wear sandals. I explained to her that after you paint your toes you MUST wear sandals!