Wednesday, May 13, 2009

Chugga Chugga Choo Choo

"Mommy Monday" is the weekday of the week I'm off of work and I try to do fun stuff with Claire on those days. We started by visiting my friend Liz's new baby daughter Natalie Lucille (LOVE the name!) in the hospital. I think I need to put the kibosh on bringing Claire to newborn hospital visits because she's super intense. And by super intense I mean, likes to grab and squeeze newborn baby feet and possibly tear them right off and put them in her pocket. It's fairly scary. But it comes from love. She really wants a little sister and Mike and I would love to give her that. But now I'm afraid for my future baby's appendages!

Anyway - after Attack of the Toddler at Missouri Baptist Hospital, we drove to the Saint Louis Zoo because it was a beautiful day. We usually have our routine, River's Edge, Seals, snack/lunch, Build-a-Bear store, Fragile Forest (all things monkey), then the bears and we're out. But I had an idea to take the Zoo Railroad, which I haven't taken in at least 25 years. She loved it! Except for the three times the train takes us through the small, dark tunnels. Then she scooted close to me and held my hand (adorable!)

She also made a friend (see below)

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