Monday, June 29, 2009

Father's Day

Don't I have the prettiest nieces ever? That's Vivi, Claire and Chloe modeling their fashionable foam visors they created on Father's Day. PawPaw's even getting in on the action.

Mike's 'surprise' Father's Day gift was a gas grill. He LOVES it!

Thursday, June 18, 2009

ankle mystery

We had to take Claire to the doctor for a weird ankle injury the other day. I was visiting Baby Zane at Meg's house when I noticed that Claire's left ankle bone was sticking out and had a bright red, inflamed circle encircling it. It literally almost looked like someone had placed a red, round sticker on her ankle. She wasn't in any pain, but I'm a good worrier. So we brought her into the pediatrician. (Note to new moms: 4 times is the magic number when you insist on being seen within the hour). The doctor examined, rotated, pressed, lifted, had Claire jump up and down...and found nothing wrong. She said we were to do nothing, just keep an eye on it to see if the red area got larger or started itching. She even looked for a puncture mark to rule out a bug bite. It's a mystery.

the swollen ankle

Friday, June 5, 2009

Baby Zane

Ugh! My ovaries just groan when I look at pictures of this precious baby. Claire and I got to meet little Baby Charles Zane Jones, Erin Ferrell-Jones first baby boy! He is absolutely darling and such a good little baby. He barely cried and when he did it sounded like a little bird. Erin graciously let Claire help feed him his bottle (go figure - this prompted shirt lifting and requests to "suck on my boobs" from Claire) NOT EMBARRASSING AT ALL!

Erin says Zane doesn't look like her, more like daddy Chad. I think he looks like an angel from heaven. They chose the name Zane after Erin's late father, Tim Ferrell. Zane is the Gaelic name for Timothy. Erin also looks fabulous! She's back to running, biking and swimming.

Congratulations Ferrell-Jones'! Welcome to the world Baby Zane!

(watch out for that Lowder kid...!)

The Cobb Twins

My good friends since high school, Shari and Jon Cobb, just had babies #3 and #4. Yep, that's right. Twins. Twin boys. TWIN. BOYS! We went over to the Scherr's to watch the Ultimate Fighting Championship, which against my better judgement, I was actually very fascinated with. Matthew is the "bald one" and Michael is the "cool one" according to their dad. I got to hold both (but not at the same time as demonstrated excellently here by Mike!). Claire kept asking to hold her favorite baby - Matt. There was cheek squeezing.
Claire was stupified to watch how Shari masterfully breastfed both twins at once with the help of pillows. Claire tried to pull up my shirt and masterfully breastfeed from my out-of-business mammories. We had a little talk about that...