Thursday, June 18, 2009

ankle mystery

We had to take Claire to the doctor for a weird ankle injury the other day. I was visiting Baby Zane at Meg's house when I noticed that Claire's left ankle bone was sticking out and had a bright red, inflamed circle encircling it. It literally almost looked like someone had placed a red, round sticker on her ankle. She wasn't in any pain, but I'm a good worrier. So we brought her into the pediatrician. (Note to new moms: 4 times is the magic number when you insist on being seen within the hour). The doctor examined, rotated, pressed, lifted, had Claire jump up and down...and found nothing wrong. She said we were to do nothing, just keep an eye on it to see if the red area got larger or started itching. She even looked for a puncture mark to rule out a bug bite. It's a mystery.

the swollen ankle

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