Friday, June 5, 2009

Baby Zane

Ugh! My ovaries just groan when I look at pictures of this precious baby. Claire and I got to meet little Baby Charles Zane Jones, Erin Ferrell-Jones first baby boy! He is absolutely darling and such a good little baby. He barely cried and when he did it sounded like a little bird. Erin graciously let Claire help feed him his bottle (go figure - this prompted shirt lifting and requests to "suck on my boobs" from Claire) NOT EMBARRASSING AT ALL!

Erin says Zane doesn't look like her, more like daddy Chad. I think he looks like an angel from heaven. They chose the name Zane after Erin's late father, Tim Ferrell. Zane is the Gaelic name for Timothy. Erin also looks fabulous! She's back to running, biking and swimming.

Congratulations Ferrell-Jones'! Welcome to the world Baby Zane!

(watch out for that Lowder kid...!)

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