Saturday, April 18, 2009

Mystery Gifter

A very generous person had FedEx deliver several birthday presents to Claire! Yay! However, no card was attached, so we don't know who to thank! Boo! Who would like to take credit? They were from Toys 'R Us, giftwrapped and included three things:
Puppy Stuff

Garden Stuff
And one other item....?
(I obviously know what it is...but do YOU?)
If you were the gift giver - Thanks!
Please identify yourself and provide proof by revealing the third item.
(I don't trust many members of my family apparantly, plus i like to come up with annoying little games to amuse myself)

1 comment:

  1. It was us!!! If I remember correctly, the third thing was a little mini-van for the people who live in the doll-house. Hope she enjoyed them. We had fun picking them out.
    Love, Em, Bri, and Baby Nomi