Sunday, December 5, 2010

stream of consciousness

i'm bored. mike is at the flat making some repairs with his dad. we got an offer on the flat and we hope to close on dec 20! this is huge and will really help b/c i've been on disability and probably will be until i come back from maternity leave. i'm going to miss the place, but we haven't lived there in 4+ years and we're ready to not be landlords anymore.

i have NO friggin' idea of what to get mike for christmas!! we agreed to just do $20 stocking stuffers this year. given that i can't really shop and he's given me NO hints ... I AM CLUELESS! any ideas?

Claire and i just got our hair cut. Claire's is a little shorter than i anticipated but it looks pretty and healthy and we can actually get a comb through it without all the tangles she had with her long hair. she looks older and taller *tear*.

OB update: i've gained about 3 lbs back since the 7 or so i gained at the hospital. i've had a picc line and tpn for a little over 2 weeks and i'm very slowly making progress. mostly it looks like less nausea in the mornings, but i'm still pretty sick at night. baby girl is doing well and we get to have another ultrasound on Dec 6 to see how she's growing. lots of ultra sounds are one benefit of having a high risk pregnancy i guess!

today after mike gets home we're going to another thanksgiving at his mom's house. here's hoping i can eat one of my favorite meals!

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  1. Keep writing and hanging in there, Liz. I'm so excited for all that's in store for you and your growing family in 2011! Plus, if you ever need someone to make dinner for you, Mike, and Claire sometime, I make a fabulous roasted chicken (or whatever you're craving).

    Happy New Year!