Monday, November 26, 2012

Go the f@&$ to sleep!

We had a lovely Tgiving. Full of family, poopy diapers, cornbread stuffing and turkey cookie decorating contests. We decided to come home early on Friday because Eve gave us a hard time sleeping. She woke up screaming bloody murder so we tried putting her in the bed with us to console her. That wasn't the grandest of ideas. She kept banging her big, hard head on the wall and then whispering "Ow". She wanted to nurse all night (yes I nurse my almost 2 year old) I'm not one of those moms that can fall asleep while a human is sucking on my nips, it's a wee bit distracting. I can't even fall asleep if a lights on in another room so you can understand why I was discouraging the overnight Breastfeeding bonanza. I fell asleep on my tummy thus denying my babe her precious 'mommy milk' (that's what she calls it) only to be tickled awake by Eve grazing my back with her chin trying to find my boob in the dark after lifting up the back of my shirt! It would have been hilare if I weren't so flipping tired! At one point she politely tapped me on the shoulder to say "Mama, are you seepin'? Are you seepin'?!" Thanks God she's cute or we would have taken her back by now. I kid!

We did get our Christmas tree up a good two weeks earlier than normal. Look at its prettiness won't you?

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