Wednesday, November 7, 2012

Party of ONE

I'm in Columbia for the rest of the workweek for a conference. I heart CoMo. Anytime I get a chance to go to my old stompin grounds I take it! Some if my BEST years were spent as a Mizzou Tiger.

Went to The Pasta Factory with the entire CoMo family plus my uncle who's also in town for a conference. Got to visit with my Nannie, two of my fave aunts and uncles, two of my sweet cousins and my parents. Thanks For dinner Uncle Dave!

This pic of my cousin Sami and I kills me. I used to babysit him several times a week in college. It's how I made my 'going to the 'Vu or Trops' $. Now he's taller than me and has a drivers permit! I used to change his diapers?! Love ya kid (and your lil' bro Jack).

I present at the conference tomorrow afternoon. Wish me luck. I always induce diarrhea worrying about presentations like this.

Oh and P.S. I totally get to stay in a hotel for TWO nights BY MYSELF!!! Moms of young kids will know what I'm getting at here. BY MYSELF!! BIG bed. With only ME in it! AND I must be in a handicapped accessible room bc the layout is very generous, especially in the bathroom AND there's a HUGE tub. So you KNOW what I'm doing tomorrow night as a reward for rocking this conference's socks off!

Nighty night!


  1. Lucky!!!! Usually if I'm in a bed alone it's because someone has urinated in it and left me to fare for myself!

  2. I would just start peeing in my bed to get everybody to leave me alone.