Thursday, January 22, 2009

Booty Camp

Claire's been sick with a really bad cough for the past three days. It's been one of those annoying coughs that doesn't really produce anything except a crappy night's sleep. I feel so bad for her b/c since last year's pandemoniom about not giving babies and toddlers cold and cough medicine (which worked pretty damn well btw) we can't give her anything. so we passify her with candy and juice and spoonfuls of honey (i'm not kidding, it's homeopathic). i just feel so bad for her.

last night i was out to dinner with misty. it was lovely, i haven't seen her in ages. we had cheese dip and diet coke and talked for hours. mike calls me like 4 times and i eventually answer, thinking claire-bear must be getting progressively sicker and might need something. she does - apparantly mike "promised" her Gummi Bears. promised her Gummi Bears. So I'm like, let me leave me awesome, fun, mommy-free girl dinner right now to procure said Gummi Bears stat! :) I get home around 9:15pm and he had kept her up b/c she was going kookoo for the Gummi Bears. She had to have them! She was really too tired to chew at this point but I gave her some generic treats I found at Walgreens for $1 b/c I didn't want to run into Schnucks and get sucked in b/c we might need groceries.

Claire is re-starting her potty training. It's like a Grand Re-Opening! She was all set last summer and Grammy was doing awesome helping us out big time. We were set to be diaper-free for our Florida vacation in October. But Claire backslid and we didn't want to push the issue for fear of pairing a negative association to the potty and then the holidays came and we got lazy and 'sometimes' diapers are easier. And so here we are, with Claire turning 3 in April and still pooping in her pants. We're all Sick. Of. It. Except for Princess of course.

Since Monday I've been putting her in training pants, basically panties with extra absorbancy in the crotch area, all day long. Doesn't faze her a bit. She still pees her little heart out right through her panties and jeans and my couch and goes about her day. This morning she was fully dressed. I was putting on her shoes, getting ready to put her coat on and knew she had pooped in her sports-themed underwear (i don't gender stereotype ok?). i had to totally undress her and remove enormous pile of green playdoh from her panties and wash them and ended up having to put a pull-up on her anyway (which she prefers of course) b/c I'd run out of panties. I am getting this kid to go in the potty I tell you. It. Is. Happening.

She's stubborn like me, but I have more practice.

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