Sunday, March 8, 2009

Blatant Request for Gifts

MawMaw and PawPaw got Claire a kitchen set for Christmas last year and since she had received one the year before we got the receipt and finally took it back to Toys R Us. I had something special in mind. Dollhouses have changed tremendously since my days! We got her a Fisher Price Loving Family Grand Dollhouse.
It's pink - Claire's favorite color. : )
The backside of the dollhouse is all kinds of tricked out! Mike wanted to get her the deluxe version that included 'all the pieces you see here!" b/c he's a sweet dad. But I'm old-school and I thought she needed something to work up to. "save your pennies Claire and you can buy a mini refridgerator for your dollhouse!" I mean, it's real-life money management skills as far as I'm concerned.
So, Claire's 3rd brithday is coming up (April 8 - if you don't know that you probably shouldn't be reading this, or you have a bad memory) Anyway, Mike says she needs more furniture and apparantly not milk crates and particle board bookshelves like when we had our first place. He's so uppity. So check out Toys R Us. Anything "Fisher Price/Loving Family" will suffice.
While I'm thinking of it, other listables include:
1. X Binoculors
2. Penguin-related things (her favorite exhibit at the Zoo)
3. "Wall-E" dvd
4. Gift certificates for clothes (her size is usually so inconsistant,
but i'd go with 3T b/c we don't have to worry about
length during spring and summer; current shoe size is 7)
5. Anything Princess-related (especially Sleeping Beauty) I almost vomitted as typing this b/c I am normally anti-princess, but you can only fight gender
conditioning for so long right?! (A Princess who's "true heart's desire" is NOT to get
married to a douchebag prince at a young age would be her mom)
6. Gift Certificate to Technique Studio in Valley Park for her dance classes
or Stages St. Louis for singing classes.

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