Tuesday, March 17, 2009


To help relieve the guilt I feel every morning when I leave for work, I've explained to Claire that at work I "help people". This makes me feel better, teaching her altruism and all and I'm explaining to her about the helping profession I am so proud of.
So lately, when I leave and Claire asks where I'm going I remind her "to work". Claire will say "oh, to help people?" And I respond, "yep, to help people". (It's very Mary Tyler Moore/Peace Corp volunteer of me).
So the other day I ask Claire what Mama did to actually "help" the "people"?
She quickly responded.
"You help get them out of holes."
A few days later I ask again.
Same answer.
"No honey. Mama talks to people. That's how she helps them."
Few more days.
"Mama? Are you going to go help people? Help 'em out of holes?"
"Err, yes honey. I'll see you when I get home. Hey! By the way, how does Mama help the people get out of holes exactly?"
"You pull 'em up!".
"Why are they in the holes Claire?"
"Because they're stuck."

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