Sunday, March 1, 2009

What a week!

This has been one crazy week! The best news of the week...I got a promotion! My new title will be Support Services Coordinator
. I will basically be supervising my department now. Really excited and nervous about this new change, but mostly proud. A year ago I was at a job where I was miserable and now I really feel appreciated!

Saturday night we went out with our friends, the A
ustin's. We met Laura and Brady Valentine's Day of '08 at the Bissell Mansion Dinner Theater. They were seated at our table and the dinner was kind of weird and hilarious and so was our conversation. We had lots in common, Mizzou, 2 year olds, similar ages, similar wedding anniversaries, etc. So they graciously invited us over to their house for pizza and margaritas. Their 2 year old, Tyler, got along famously with Claire. They're both very intense, talkative and don't understand personal bubbles. It was like death match one minute, a fairy tale the next. At one point, one (or both) of them pushed over a brand new standing lamp and broke it. It wasn't embarassing at all. It was mortifying. God, I hope JC Penney has a leniant return policy.
Sunday we rode the parent train to two kiddo birthday parties. Nina turned one at her dad's restaurant, Jive and Wail. Shout out to the homemade red velvet cupcakes. I mean, real red velvet cupcakes with cream cheese icing. We had to skip out early and missed Nina tearing into her strawberry shaped cake to go to my niece, Viviana's, 4th birthday party at Monkey Joe's in O'Fallon. If you're not familiar, this is basically a monstrous gym with a dozen or so 'bounce houses'. Claire had a spastic time climbing and jumping and sliding and bonking around with her cousins. Unfortunately, the purple monkey "Monkey Joe" made several appearances and it probably scarred her for life. I mean, are they even trying to make this character appealing to kids?! I don't think so.

By 6:30pm Claire was asleep and Mama had a migraine. I'm watching the L word and calling it a night.

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