Tuesday, December 8, 2009

Sick of Being Sick

The Lowder House has just been full of sick, sicky, poo-faced, sick babies. It's been NO fun! It all started with Claire waking Aunt YaYa (that's Leah) up in the middle of the night at Nana and Pop's house the Friday night after Thanksgiving. She was writhing in pain because her tummy hurt and it freaked everyone out. After a call to her pediatrician's exchange, Mike, Nana and I packed up the car for the 20+ minute ride to the ER. I had to sit in the back with Claire because she was crawling out of her skin. It was horrible. After 5 or so hours in the pediatric ER, two x-rays and a CT scan later, appendicitis was ruled out. A viral gastrointenstinal infection was their best guess. She bounced back the next day playing with Jack and having fun. Sunday we drove home and she was still groovy. We decorated the tree and everything. Still smiling.

Monday she was a tired ballerina after her 2 1/2 hour long dance class. We rested. Tuesday I dropped her off at preschool. An hour later the nurse called and said she needed to be picked up because it appeared that she had pink eye. I had already scheduled her a follow up appointment with her pediatrician to check on her since the ER visit, so with Grammy's help she was picked up from school and sent to Dr. Terrill...where she was diagnosed with double pink-eye and a double ear infection. Two different antibiotics. I took the rest of the day off and we rested.
That was almost one week ago.
Since then she's been up almost every night with fevers of around 101 degrees. She wouldn't eat or drink until a couple of days ago. She finally requested macaroni and cheese on thursday night around 10:30 pm. And you know we made her some Macaroni and Cheese! Today her spirits were up and she was more like herself, thank god.
Meanwhile, I've been getting sicker and sicker. I called my doctor last tuesday for him to call in a prescription, it seemed as if i was getting a sinus infection. Felt horrible. During this sick den, Mike and I were still trying to work most of the week, but that was hard. This weekend I had a meltdown on the phone with my mom because we all had cabin fever in addition to actual fevers. I had to go to work but REALLY didn't want to because I was sick and exhausted and I knew Claire would probably give Mike a hard time. When I came back from work with my head absolutely pounding out of my skull - Mike told me that my parents had come to the house with some groceries! I almost cried. Sherbet, pasta and sauce, cereal, apple juice, etc. It was so thoughtful and appreciated! (But as Claire reports "no pizza"!)
I took her back to the pediatrician today. They think she's making slow and steady progress. On the drive there, I asked Claire if she hurt anywhere and she said "Moooom! You're not the doctor. You're just a mom." Hmph!
(Sound familiar Nana!?!?!?)
I am getting worse by the minute. I feel like I have Strep and am getting Claire's pinkeye. My glands are SO swollen I feel like I'm gonna die and my ears are killing me. I was running a low fever today and went back to my doctor. They switched my antiobiotic to a $50 version. So THIS one better be worth it!
I'm so exhausted. But I can't sleep. It makes no sense. I lay down dog tired and then I just toss and turn. When will this end? I have SO much to do this time of year. Selfishly - I'm bummed because we had to miss my work's holiday party and I had to cancel a potentially very cool Christmas Market show. I feel like everyone's sick of us being sick, but we're just not getting well fast enough. I'm supposed to work a full day tomorrow and can't even imagine running a support group at 6pm tomorrow night. ugh.
Please keep us in your prayers and feel sorry for us. Ok. I'm kidding about the last part.
And I better be well in time for my birthday!!! :)

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