Saturday, February 27, 2010

our kid is a genius

Claire had an annual evaluation from Parents As Teachers last week. Our representative, Ms. Karin, whom we love for numerous reasons - one of them being her adorable son Jack who is also in Claire's preschool class, came over to go over the results. I don't have the paperwork in front of me, but if I did I'm sure it says somewhere "Claire is a friggin' genius. Officially." And Mike and I are like "DUH!" :)

She scored at the 6 year range in language and speech! 5 year range for object comprehension (or something like that) She was the only kid that Ms. Karin answered correctly what the picture of a thermometer was AND said it properly!

I didn't realize how quickly my child was learning, she is really smart. We've been writing letter and doing sounds together and she know ALL of her letters. She can write them and knows their names (we're still working on all the sounds. everything usually says "bah or keh". I taught her fun little tricks about C and G, M and W and R and P because those pesky letters can be tricky!

I'm beaming with joy for my little brainiac.

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