Thursday, February 11, 2010

identity crisis

As I was dropping Claire off at preschool this morning she said hi to one of her classmates Noah. I remembered there being another Noah in her class and asked which one that was. She said "There's Noah and Noah Finn. That was Noah". I asked her how she knew the difference? She said "Because they're two different people." (Duh mom!) I said - but how can you tell them apart? and she goes "They're like Sami and Jack. They don't match." !!!!!

I thought that was so cute! and made perfect sense!

On a sour note - I got a call from Cindy this morning that she knocked her teeth on a bookshelf and school. Mike and Cindy had to take her to Mike's dentist because she was complaining that they hurt and her two front teeth were loose. Thankfully the dentist said she'll be fine and she has no trauma to the area. He also noted that Claire obviously takes very good care of her teeth! Mike is so proud :)

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