Thursday, April 29, 2010

Falling in Love

Our Parents As Teachers Educator, Karin, has a 4 year old named Jack in Claire's class (see pic in post below of Claire and a little boy holding hands on the way to school). The other morning on the way out from dropping Claire off she stopped me to tell me THE cutest story.

A few days ago they were driving in the car and Jack asked his mom "Do you believe that we can fall in love?" Karin said "Well yeah Jack, I fell in love with your dad." Jack goes - "Well I think I'm falling in love with Claire!"

Later when I told the story to Mike, who couldn't stop laughing, I glance over at Claire. She has this smug look on her face and nods confidently and says "I'm going to marry him".

At least she has good taste! We know the family and they're great and Jack is as cute as a button. We asked all the important questions and he shares his toys at school, tells funny jokes and plays nice. Love is in the air!

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