Friday, September 3, 2010

First Hospital Visit

Tuesday started out as a normal day. Went to work, ate a good lunch, even went shopping for my much needed maternity pants. It wasn't until just after dinner that I couldn't stop puking. unfortunate timing b/c mike was having the guys over for band rehearsal and i was adding my own soundtrack in the hallway bathroom. It was pretty much relentless all night. At one point, poor Clairey came running down to get Mike in the basement going "Doctor! Doctor!". There wasn't much to do but watch my pity party, location - bathroom, VIPs - one (and 1/2).

That evening I literally got ZERO sleep. nada. i eventually got up to make myself some hot tea and watch some trashy reality tv b/c i thought that might make me feel better. But it seemed that every time I moved i would get sick. the tea was no comfort going down or coming back up. i literally stared at mike's alarm clock and when it graciously beeped at 5:45am I told Mike we needed to go to the ER so I could get on an IV for fluids. I stalled as best as I could until we took Claire to preschool at 8am and then I got checked into the Women's Evaluation Unit at St. John's Mercy. Going down those hallways in a wheelchair feeling like I did was like a bad dream and I finallly lost it and started crying like a baby. Those nurses at St. John's are like angels, I don't remember what exactly the nurse who was wheeling me to the room said, but it made me feel better and calmed me down.

I had two bags of fluids and they put some zofran in my IV since I couldn't keep my medicine down and was starting to feel a little better and really wanted to rest in my own bed. Mom's friend Anne came to visit me and gave me a good "mom hug", which I really needed. Since I thought I was going to get to go home after my second bag of fluid, i sat up in bed and started talking - and that just did it. I don't know what I even had left in me but I started getting really sick and before I knew it they put a third bag up on my IV and I was staying a little longer.

Mike was such an awesome husband and daddy during this time. he didn't complain once and was at my beck and call for every extra pillow, bed position movement and request for ice chips. we both got a treat and got to see another ultra sound image of the baby. I'm 12 weeks pregnant, so the baby's about as big as a large plum, 2 - 2.5 inches long depending on what website you check. But at this stage it's fully formed, just needs to keep growing. It was like a little jumping bean! Moving his (or her) arms and legs everywhere! It was such a blessing to see and for that 5 minutes I didn't feel sick at all! Ultra sounds and doppler heartbeats really help you feel connected to the baby at these early stages of pregnancy. Even though I'm starting to show b/c it's a second pregnancy, it doesn't really 'feel' real until you start feeling the baby move inside, so every ultra sound is a huge treat!

I eventually got to go home around 2 and konked out for most of the night. I was keeping my meds down with just a sip of water but couldn't stand the jello i tried to eat before bed. I took a sleeping pill (ok'd by OB) and got some much needed rest and then slept most of the day on Thursday. So far - I haven't had any vomitting and I've eaten some cheez-it's and peanute m&ms (? i don't knoow, they sounded good and were there?). Today, Friday, I'm dressed in a cute maternity outfit, actually  have make up on and worked a half day. Taking this ironically titled "Labor Day" weekend to do NOTHING!

thanks for your prayers, facebook posts, texts and calls during this week. I can use all the prayers and positive vibes you can send me! I'm thankful b/c i know things could be worse. By 8 weeks pregnant with claire i was at the hospital for dehydration for the first time and had to spend the following month of bedrest with a zofran pump. So comparatively, I'm doing really well. This baby is a trooper and I"m a fighter. Now I just can't wait to have this baby outside my body come March 2011!


  1. Elizabeth - I saw your blog on facebook (and it has the same background layout as my blog! we must have good taste). Sorry you've been feeling so miserable. I hope this weekend goes well for you. I just had my 20 week ultrasound yesterday and you are so right about feeling connected to the baby. It was awesome. Glad you got to have another peak at your little peanut!

  2. Hang in there Liz! I'm so sorry you've been in the hospital. I really hope you're feeling better this week. If you'd ever like dinner or an errand ran, please let me know. I'm happy to pitch in! Hugs, Kella

  3. I never realized morning sickness could get so bad. When did yours stop? I am on meds and still going strong. I have been puking minimum 10 times a day most days more than that- been chewing ice, for over six weeks. I haven't had a voice from the acid for two weeks. What made yours better?