Saturday, December 1, 2012

Pinterest Made Me Do It #3

Welcome to my third installment of Pinterest Made Me Do It. I saw this idea to individually wrap a bunch of Christmas stories and keep them under the tree. One is chosen to read each night and then the kids run off to bed with visions of sugar plums and stuff.

You're 'supposed' to do it with 24 books...but that's just for show offs! I went searching around the house for holiday book and found about eight. To supplement a found a few on That made a total of 12. That's a nice, round number and we'll just have to do it every other night.

On an unrelated and gross note, we woke up to sounds of Eve screaming her face off this morning. Mike went in (I was actually ever so slightly hungover from the whole 4oz margarita I'd had the night before at the STL Blogger dinner). Eve had puked all holy hell up into one full corner of her room. I mean it looked like a crime scene! Poor girl. We popped her in the tub and got her changed in fresh Jammie's and started snuggling downstairs while daddy vacuumed, and sopped and lysoled the mess. She wanted to nurse a lot, which is usually good for an upset tummy but god I hope my milk wasn't still margarita flavored! We colored (with markers) and drank juice and she started feeling better.

After the vomit-thon we headed to Sams to buy a new flat screen Mikes been eyeing. It was really cheap and was Hd and 'smart' and all these things I don't understand. I just know I don't have to give it a love tap every time the volume turns off for no reason. No we 'have to' get HD uVerse and a blu ray player. Mm hmm. Just like I 'have to' redecorate our bathroom. Likely story.

marker comes off really easily with eye makeup remover. just in case you need to know.

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