Monday, December 3, 2012


I've been wanting to do a blog solely on my music preferences and more specifically the sense memories that go with them for a long time now. Music is SUPER important and influential in my life. I absolutely DO NOT understand people who are like "I don't really care about music." or even the ones that are like "I like everything...(and then go on to list everyone currently on the top 40)" That doesn't count! I'm a music snob. I said it.

99% of the songs I write about will probably be ones that I heard on the radio the very same day. My memories need to get triggered that way. My first installment was the first song that came on the radio this morning on my way to drop off the girls at school and daycare. I listen to 88.1 and this morning Cat with Emotional Rescue did not dissapoint.

"Black Metallic" by Catherine Wheel, 1994. Take a listen....

Hearing this song immediately makes me look for a pack of marlboro menthols and I haven't smoked (regularly) since before Claire was born. I didn't discover this song for a good 4 years after it was released. A group of friends from Branson got me into them and I will forever be grateful. I want to marry the lead singer and have a million of his babies. This song reminds me of long nights spent under the stars, talking, smoking cigs, laughing, making out, and feeling teenage angst more authentic than "Smells Like Teenage Spirit" could ever embody for me. This song was back when I was in my perfect body, was discovering the power I never knew I had in the world and was learning how to use it. The break from 5:00 that crescendos at 6:05 makes me wanna die.

I posted two versions because I wanted you to see the video, but the second version is the full-length song and that's where you can hear all of the awesomeness that is "Black Metallic".

You're welcome.

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