Monday, February 4, 2013

The final countdown

Tomorrow is my last day of regular, full-time, salaried employment. All those things I regularly put off doing like HAVE to be done tomorrow. My office is all packed, which makes me kinda sad. My paperwork is (mostly) done. Ts are crossed and I's are dotted. Quitting time is near.

My last staff meeting was last week. I intended on making an impersonal, generic farewell to the staff as a whole, knowing I had full intentions of saying goodbye to anyone that mattered to me in person later. What I didn't expect we to have a full on Oprah 'ugly cry' in front of the ED, my staff and interns alike. Awkward... Ah well, we're mostly all therapists so it was a safe space to sob like a lil baby.

Tomorrow some folks are talking me out to lunch at Joey Bs. Then I'll have three back to back clients and probably be the last one out of the building tomorrow night. Man. It still doesn't feel real.

Anyone wanna do lunch? My schedule just opened wide up.

1 comment:

  1. I totally sang the Final Countdown in my head while I was reading this!

    Good luck on your new job. I know you will do great. I would love to be my own boss, but don't have the self-discipline to make that happen