Saturday, February 9, 2013

Don Draper is a Tiger

Mike and I have been obsessed with this new show, Mad Men, have you heard of it? Just kidding, we realize we're like 6 years late to this party. We have Netflix streaming on our TV and instead of the shitty movies they feature we thought we'd dig in to a new show. In the last week we've watched the full first seasion and are halfway through the second. I love watching it, I could look at it without the sound on. The set design and costuming is perfect. Obviously, Jon Hamm is great. He used to not-work at The Blue Note, a live music venue in Columbia, where I worked through undergrad. Here's a good article about CoMo "back in the day". He was long gone by the time I started as the Box Office girl, but man that would have been cool!

I finished my last day at Safe Connections this week. The end of an era. A ton of folks from work took me out to lunch and I got a bunch of sweet cards that made me tear up. After seeing my last three clients (2 of whom I'm fortunate enough to see in private practice!) I stood at my doorway and looked at my empty office. Lamp in hand, drawers emptied, papers filed. I had a moment. And that moment consisted of me bawling my eyes out.

But now I'm solely self-employed and 100% in charge of my schedule and I lurve it! This week has felt just as busy, almost busier, than a full-time work week. Still have shopping to do to get my office organized. Fitting in clients and supervisees here and there. Scheduling lunches and coffees to get the networking going. Feels good.

OH! And BIG NEWS. Evie went poo poo on the potty TWICE today! We've been putting her on the potty seat as soon as she wakes up in the morning and after naptime and before bed for a full week now. She gets an M&M for just sitting there. It's a good gig. Well today she kept getting off and looking in the pot and sitting back on it. Over and over. She wasn't fussy about it. Perfectly happy sitting and standing on the potty while sucking on her blue M&M. I went over to pull her pants up and she had laid a huge poop! The whole house danced and sang "Poo Poo in the POTTY!" over and over again. Fun times.


  1. I love Mad Men! I can't wait until the 5th season is posted on Netflix.

    Yay for Evie going on the potty! We are still struggling and it is so frustrating. Em is going to be 10 and still wearing pull-ups.

  2. Congratulations, Liz, on your new career path as a self-employed Licensed Clinical Social Worker. Hip, hip, hooray!