Sunday, February 24, 2013

You know when

You know your 2-year old is sick when she gets down from her chair at dinnertime. She doesn't want to eat her favorite Mac and cheese. So she walks over and puts her head in her mommys lap. You know she's sick when she doesn't want to watch Scooby Doo. She asks to take a bath. But when you pour the lukewarm bath she just sits there and looks pitiful. You know she's sick when you take off her clothes and the body heat from her fever just emanates off her tiny body and soft, smooth skin. Then she won't have enough energy to choose her book. So she'll just nod her head 'no' until you find some that sounds good ("Where Do Kisses Come From" and "Mommy Mine". ) She lays on your chest and turns her little head to the side so she can see the pictures. You know she's sick when she asks for 'mommy milk' and falls asleep within seconds of latching on. You pop her off and she just lays on your breast like a pillow. You put her in her crib and she doesn't even notice or complain that her baby Ariel isn't in her bed. You find it downstairs and place it in her bed. She's still hot but passed out. You accidentally wake her up a bit touching every part of her from her toes to her forehead. She looks up confused. Sees its you, her mama and smiles. Lays her head down and goes back to sleep.

God bless you little Evie. Feel better in the morning.

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