Wednesday, March 20, 2013

9 years!

Nine years ago today I got hitched. Been kissing the same boy ever since (my husband)!

So far I've gotten two sweet presents. Mike left me a vase of tulips cuz he knows they're my favorite flower. But even better - the kids slept in until 8:30!!! Gotta love spring break!

I took the day off and want to do something fun with the girls but not sure what. Plans are so weather dependent. It's snowed and been 80 degrees on past anniversaries. Ill probably need to rely on the good ok standby - the mall playplace. But maybe ill mix it up and take them to Monkey Joes or something.

Tonight for our romantic anniversary dinner were going to a Dining to Donate event at Llewelyns's. it's benefiting my former employer. I really like their food (Mike hates it bc he always gets something weird like stew). Plus it will pump me up for my upcoming trip to Dublin Ireland this weekend!

I don't think I've posted about this a all but me, my sister, mom and two cousins are spending a week exploring the Emerald Isle! I don't know what I was thinking leaving Mike and the kids for 8 days. I'm gonna miss them like crazy and they probably won't want to speak with me when I return. And Eve doesnt know it yet but shes weaning from breastfeeding while im gone bc theres NO way im pumping on a chilly vacation when i could be downing pints. (Yes i still nurse my 2 year old.)

But I think it'll be good for me!

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