Monday, March 11, 2013

The longest day ever. Like ever.

The day started out as normal. Mike up at the buttcrack of dawn to do his hours long primping/man-scaping routine while I roll over under the covers. Wait for him to kiss me goodbye - my own little personal smooching alarm clock if you will. Got the kids dressed, fed, diapered, Dora'd, (not necessarily in that order) and as we were getting our coats on Mike blazes in the door! We were so surprised to see him. And I literally don't know how to type this next part without laughing.

Do you know why he came home? After he was already physically AT work? The job that is a good 25 miles away?

Because he spilled coffee on his shirt.

I didn't know whether to feel sorry for his clumsiness, anal retentiveness or what! He came home for that? One of the many subtle differences between us.

I've gone to work with breast milk leaking through my shirt. With two different colored ballet flats on. With only one earring in. With no makeup because I literally forgot to look in the mirror before leaving the house and didn't see the mousy paleface I am before I put my face on. I've stayed at work with a leaky friggin tampon. That's what cardigans wrapped around your waist are for!

I just think its hilarious and adorable that he drove home. He could have literally (3rd time I've used the word literally just in tonight's post!) walked two blocks to Macy's and purchased another shirt, bought me something for our upcoming anniversary, walked back to the office, brewed and drank another cup of coffee in the time it took him to go home and change. He's a riot!

But thank beejeebus he did come home because you know what he discovered? I had a friggin flat tire! His manly self replaced it with the spare, changed into an argyle sweater and went on back to work like it ain't no thang!

So then I dropped off the girls and headed straight to Autotire. Where it smelled of stale coffee and dirty hands. The waiting room was full but I managed to get some business done anyway, scheduling appointments and responding to emails and whatnot. I was in that dirty little room with nary a FRIENDs re run on an anxient TV or water cooler for about three hours while my car got four new tires and a safety inspection that was due last month. Oopsie!

On the way to work I stopped at Mia Sorella and got a Caesar salad and some handmade toasted ravioli. To die!! So yummy! (But they charge $3 for an iced tea! Ridick!!!!)

Then I saw a client. Was going to stay at my Chesterfield office but the heat was turned up to 'Hot Flash' so I left to run errands in the cold with my car windows rolled down. Went to the bank, returned a sweater, bought the girls rain jackets at H&M, got a snack (cashews), bought some shirts for my upcoming trip to Ireland, ordered business cards, borrowed an audiobook ("Mothers and Daughters") From the county library. Very productive little afternoon.

Then I saw two more clients at 5 and 6, caught up on some paperwork and got home at 8. Just in time to eat a sandwich and some salt n vinegar Pringles with Clairey and put her to bed.

Tempted to sneak into Eves room and pinch her til she woke up but I resisted.

Claire and I read one of my favorite books of hers, Marie & Moi. It's a darling illustrated story about Marie Antoinette. (Ya know, before the guillotine.) We compared the pictures in the story of Versailles to the photographs I took when I studied in France ten, what?!? TEN?!? years ago. Claire thought that was pretty cool.

Then I took an hour long super hot Epsom salt bath. It always feels so good to purge out all that sweat and toxins and soak away.

Catching up on Facebook and my blogs and ready to hit the hay. Super long productive day. Literally.


  1. Epsom bath - now tell me more? LOL...

  2. They're the bomb Mel. Out 1/2-1 cup of Epsom salt in a hot bath and soak for at least twenty minutes. I feel so relaxed after. Sometimes I add olive oil for my skin or baking powder, even ginger. Search on Pinterest.