Sunday, December 16, 2012


Today is my 35th birthday. Best one ever.

Sleeping in.
French toast and thick bacon.
Beautiful flowers and beautiful cards from my hubby and girls.
Costco membership! Woohoo!
dark chocolates (does Mikey know me or what?!)
Phone calls from all the important people (mom, dad, leah, mother-in-law)

We all headed down the street to Costco and had a crazy time. Literally saw no less than 6 families we knew in the first 20 minutes. The kids ate a second breakfast with all of the samples (popcorn, cherry jam quesadilla, egg rolls, cheese, pretzels, etc.) We got some great filets for dinner, cute christmas gifts for my niece and nephews and saved a bunch of money.

Then we had lunch at Pasta House.
Caesar salad and my favorite cheesecake on the planet. Mike snapped this hilarious picture of the plate a second after the server set it down in front of us. Evie literally couldn't wait to fork the first bite! This picture just cracks me up!

Nice nap.
Fire in the fireplace.
watched the new Footloose (where has Kenny Womald been?!)

Mike made...wait for it - grilled filets with gorgonazola cream sauce, roasted asparagus and mashed potatoes. It was TO DIE. melt in your mouth. better than any steakhouse.

(have you noticed how most of the highlights of my birthday involve food!?!?)

read a christmas story "The Little Christmas Elf" to the girls and tucked my babies in. Making lists of everything I need to do this week at work and personally. I technically have the week off but I still need to tie up loose ends and get stuff ready for the new year.

Thanks for a great birthday Mikey! Thanks for letting the docs rip me out of your womb with only half the anethesia for the C-section Mom!

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