Tuesday, December 11, 2012

Too cold to think of a title

Took the girls to Breakfast with Santa over the weekend at C's school. Breakfast consisted of bagel thins and cupcakes (?). I was the cool mom and let my kids shove their faces with cupcakes. Here's E showing you how it's done. Good girl.

get it in there girl!
C's showing off her first Christmas book from the Pinterest pin I talked about HERE. She's really enjoyed doing this most every night. And I keep finding inexpensive books to add to the collection.

Barbie celebrates Christmas wth the Pop Star or similar lame title

We usually make a big Sunday dinner for the four of us. Spend time grocery shopping, making a roast or lasagna or something special. This weekend we were all exhausted and just phoned it in with a rotisserie chicken, which I love btw. I found a recipe for roasted potatoes on Pinterest. They were amah-zing.

My house was SO freezing cold last night that I couldn't fall asleep. I kept trying to snuggle up to the husband but he wasn't even as warm and fuzzy as he usually is! I finally got out of bed at like midnight to find a pair of sweatpants, socks and a friggin hoodie that I zipped up and covered my head with. Can you say "time to turn up the thermostat!?"

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