Tuesday, January 1, 2013

The Prize

I've taken a blogger's holiday but I'd like to get back into the swing of things again. Holiday recap? Well don't mind if I do...

Sister, Leah took the train in from Chicago for the holiday. Me and the kiddos were super happy to see her and spend a lot of time with her. We started it off with a wrap-a-thon for a full 2 1/2 hours in the basement. I went a little anal and had a system going. Everything from Santa with one type of paper, everything from us to C in one color paper, everything from us to E in another type of paper, different families in different paper. It made things a LOT easier when we were packing presents when leaving everyday. Nothing was forgotten this year.

Xmas #1: cooking red sauce and meatballs for the Stallone family celebration. Eve had a lot of fun opening presents and really got into it. My niece and nephews were presh and I think everyone had a great time.

Xmas #2: We started out the day catching Rise of the Gaurdians. Well, most of us did. Eve spent most of the movie walking around the theater with Mike and I taking turns escorting her little chubby self around while she hugged the cardboard display of The Croods. Then we had Christmas Eve at the Lowder's. My bro-in-law Joe made a traditional cuban dinner with pork shoulder, fried plaintains, yuca and black beans and rice. I'd never had any of it (instead of pork obviously) before but I really, really liked it! And I appreciated something different versus turkey or ham with potatoes. Eve got a baby doll she just loves from her Uncle Gary and Aunt Jen and Claire got a bunk bed for her AG doll and Butterfly doll (Cracker Barrell knockoff).

Xmas #3: The Real Deal. Mike was actually anxious that we didn't have enough to give the girls this year. I thought that was crazy! Between ALL four of our families the girls get spoiled. But we didn't have one BIG "WOW" present and I could tell that was really bothering him. I reminded him that C's "big" present was that we were redecorating her whole room to a 'big girl' room. New comforter, pillows, curtains, posters, clock, memo board, Justin Bieber calendar, etc. But I don't think he was convinced. C loved it all though. She was psyched to get rid of her 'baby' stuff. By Christmas morning Eve was over the unwrapping of the presents. She couldn't be bothered. She would literally start crying and fussing if we showed her another gift to unwrap. So honestly, some presents were left unwrapped this year for her.

this doll actually has more hair than Eve
Xmas #4: Mike's mom's family celebration at their house that afternoon. It was much quieter with just the two brothers of their 4 girls, but nice after all the chaos from the previous two days. E got an Ariel babydoll with short red hair and blue eyes...just like her! She loves her! It's so friggin precious to see her love and take care of her dolls. I could watch it all day. We got a 20 movie gift card from redbox that I'm looking forward to using up because we love to watch some movies while pigging out and sitting by the fire. We picked up the new Total Recall on the way home. Ah Colin Farrell...

Dec 26 and 27 we had a couple of chill days. C had a sleepover with Grammy. Mike and I went clothes shopping at Kohl's and had some delicious mexican food at Senor Pique. I got to take a nap. The girls got to play with most of their toys. good times!

After work on Dec 28 we drove out to CoMo for Xmas #5: the girls got adorable matching velour Hello Kitty track suits. I got an infinity scarf knitted by my cousin Mary. We had Imo's and played Headbandz and visited until Eve started getting punchy and hyperspastic, literally bouncing off the walls. My mom and sister took care of the girls in the morning and let Mike and I sleep in which is AWESOME of them! We took the girls bowling with their cousins and had a lot of fun. C bowled her first STRIKE (in real bowling, not Wii). My stepdad made homemade authentic italian speidini, not the fake poser kind of most of the italian restaurants in St. Louis. The read deal holyfield Grandpa Stallone variety. So delicious.

Leah came back to the Lou with us and we entertained her with a trip to Costco, yummy dinners like quiche lorraine and chocolate gingerbread cake, big fat snowflakes, more fires in the fireplace and a low-key NYE. The best part? She majorly helped me clean out my basement. I'm talking numerous trash bags and multiple bags full of items to donate and TONS of cardboard boxes...anyone moving? Seriously, come over to my house. I'd like to make the downstairs a more livable playroom so we'll hopefully be able to work on that this month. I won't dwell on the fact that Mike has at least 4 boxes FULL of cds. FULL. of cds. I also found a present that he forgot he bought for me! It's this amazing screenprint of two koi fish. I just had a birthday, and obviously we just celebrated christmas - we didn't buy gifts for each other, just stockings. So he had two prime opportunities to give it to me. He just forgot. Either way I LOVE it and think I will hang it up in our bedroom or redecorate our bathroom around it.

Ok if you're still reading you get a prize. Email me for details. Sorry for the lengthy post y'all!

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  1. Sounds like you all had a great time between all your Christmases! I'm glad that the weather didn't spoil any of your travel plans and yay for the surprise gift find. :)